T&S Mini Ranch was established in 1992 and is located in North Eastern Mississippi near Aberdeen. We are 1.8 miles off the Highway 45 by-pass. Our ranch covers a total of 23 acres, housing around 45 minis.

  We bought our first miniature horse at the Bond's dispersal Sale in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992. From that day on we breathe, sleep, dream, and think about these beautiful little animals. We live for our three children and six grandchildren but our little horses are certainly a big Part of our Family.

  We are a small ranch by design. Over the years we've carefully chosen a few outstanding individuals for our breeding program and raised each and every one with lots of hands-on personalized care and attention. We ensure that our foals are imprinted at birth with the human touch and voice stimuli so they will be gentle and trusting companions as they grow.

  Our Mares are from bloodlines such as Buckaroo,Bond, Dell Tera, Komoko, Hemlock Brooks, Flying W, Soats, Parrs, and many more well-known proven quality bloodlines. Our mares range in height from 26 inches to 34 inches. Most of our mares are DNA'd and their foals are parent qualified.

  The stallions on our ranch are: 1)
Canterbury Golden Phoenix, a grandson of Rowdy and Boones Little Buckeroo and son of Vermilyea Farms Stylish Buckeroo, 2) Canterbury High Jinks, grandson of Stone Hedge Painted Feather on dam's side and Vermilyea Farms Renegade on his Sire's side, and son of Canterbury Puttin on the Ritz, and 3) B & BL Dealers Second Edition, son of Brewers Major Dealer, son of Brewers Orion Major and Brewers Dynamo Desire on the top and Golden Meadows Cinsational Jubilee, daughter of Solid Gold Cinsation and Circle H Jesters Jubilee on the bottom.

  We are very proud of our little horses and feel we have a string of horses who can hold their own or even rise above some of the beautiful champions of today.

  We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and seeing our horses. Please feel free to E-mail us with any questions or comments. If you would like to know a little more about us you can visit our "About Us" page.

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