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~Lazy W Dippers Silver Cloud~
  DOB: 4/16/2003

AMHA A142778 ~ AMHR 266228A ~ 29.5 inches ~ DNA'd and PQ

Sire: Glenns Dealers Cherokee

Height: 30.5 inches

Dam: Champion Farms Silver Cloud

Height: 32.5 inches

DIPPERS is a double registered DNA'd and Parentage Qualified super, nice, small mare. She is out of GLENNS DEALERS CHEROKEE and CHAMPION FARMS SILVER CLOUD. Sweet as can be.

~Busby's Prissys Little Miss~

AMHA 195805~ AMHR 300382T ~ 29 inches

Sire: Glenns War Chief

Height: 28 inches

Dam: Okolona Pride Prissy


MISSY is another double registered small mare. She is bred to B&L Dealers Second Edition. Expecting in a few weeks. A nice young mare with good bloodline.

~Busby's B&L Mayday~
  DOB: 5/1/2011

AMHA A206175 ~ 30 inches

Sire: Glenns War Chief Height: 28 inches

Dam: Rauches Jubilation Height: 31 inches

MAYDAY is a small black pinto out of Glenns Warchief and Jubilation. We are looking forward to some awesome babies out of this little mare.

~Dillard's HHH Dainty Dunchess~
  DOB: 5/31/2001

AMHA 122409 ~ AMHR 218242A ~ 28.5 inches ~ DNA'd and PQ

Sire: Bress Rail Forerunner 29.5 inches

Dam: Dillards Echos Princess ~ 28.5 inches

If you like small, you will LOVE DUCHESS. She is a doll. Great Bloodlines. We can't wait to add her to our brood mares.

~Tate's Tinker Bell~
  DOB: 7/08/2011
AMHR 313005T ~ 31 inches

Sire: Lidis Classy Nipper 32.5 inches

Dam: Jac Gracies Ashlee Pearl Tinker 32 inches

TINKER BELL is another new black and white pinto mare on the ranch. She stands only 31 inches and has NFC and KOMOKO blood in her background...a very sweet mare.

~Rauchs Southern Jubilation~
  DOB: 4/11/2004
AMHA 153259 ~ 32 inches

Sire: Lil Hoofbeats Charming Alibi 31.75 inches

Dam: Aspen Ridge Farms Heros Voodoo Doll 30.5 inches

JUBI is a beautiful black pinto. She stands 31 inches tall, DNA'd and Parentage Qualified. This year she foaled a pretty black and white filly. A very nice mare having a great blood line.

~RSB Tender Hugs and Kisses~
  DOB: 1/12/2001
AMHA A121006

Sire: Solid Gold Tender Love A 39227

Dam: Plumbar Kimberly A13559

KISSES is another one of our beautiful black and white pintos. She is only 32.5 inches tall with an impeccable pedigree. She is a daughter of Solid Gold Tender Love, who is a Son of Love Me Tender on her top side and a Granddaughter of Sligo Jo Jo on her bottom. Hopefully, she is bred to Uno Turk who is an AMHR Reserve National Champion and an AMHA Top Ten. Thanks to Jo Bufford at High Cotton Farms for allowing us to be the owner of this wonderful mare.

~Canterbury FancyFace I Lov U~
  DOB: 7/20/2007
AMHA 182082 ** AMHR 287649A

Sire: Canterbury Show Me The Money

AMHA A 47251 ** AMHR 283703A

Dam: SG Cloud Nine

AMHA A 91497 ** AMHR 257408A

FANCY is a gorgeous black and white pinto mare sired by Canterbury Show Me The Money, a homozygous tobiano grandson of Bond Galahad Legacy. Legacy is one of the premier sires of the industry, ranked in the Top 20 All Times AMHA National Champion Producers and a Son of National Grand Champion Bond Sire Galadahad. FANCY'S Dam is also a granddaughter of National Champion Toy Horse Windwalker.

~Canterbury All That Glitters~
  DOB: 4/18/2011
AMHA A207681
Sire: Underwoods Tuxedo Tatoo
Dam: Magic Christine 9 Dee

If you are into genetics of color, GLITTER is a genetics enthusiasts dream horse. Talk about eliminating the guessing game, this lovely crystal blue eyed mare has what it takes to do just that. Her lab tests are in and she is LWO positive, displays the frame overo pattern, has one copy of the tobiano gene and one copy of SB1. GLITTER is homozygous for black and one copy of agouti. Talk about having it all, this filly does. She will produce us just about any combo of pinto patterns we could possibly ask for. To top it off, she is conformation correct and drop dead gorgeous. We want to thank Don and Nancy from Canterbury Farms for allowing us to purchase this beautiful little lady.

~Canterbury Mystic Solar Eclipse~
  DOB: 4/18/2011
AMHA A 208686
Sire: Underwoods Tuxedo Tattoo
Dam: Canterbury Mystic Alegria

SOLAR ECLIPSE is another special girl, a "SHOW FILLY DELUXE". She is pure tobiano and she is negative for the LWO gene. She is homozygous for tobiano so she will produce 100% pintos even with solid stallions. She is a coal black beauty. Her sire Underwood Tuxedo Tattoo is a jet black homozygous pinto and her grandsire and granddams are Vermilyea Farms Renegade and Bryland Farms Black Lace.

~MCHR Carrousel Moon Glow~
  DOB: 4/04/2004
AMHA 154237 ** AMHR 248759A
Height 32.5"
Sire: Taylors White Cloud
Dam: MDHR Carrousel Moonbeam

MOONGLOW, another pretty black and white pinto on our ranch go back to National Grand Champion Bond Sir Galahad and also has lots of the foundation bloodlines of Dell Terra. Her sire Taylors White Cloud is a well known 29.5 inch homozygous black tobiano. We are excited to see the results of MOONGLOW and RITZ'S breeding.

  DOB: 5/09/09
AMHA 194083 ** DNA'd and PQ
Height 27.00"
Sire: King Tutankhamen 30.50"A107795
Dam: Dippers Dolly 28" A26479

PRECIOUS'S name fits her perfectly. She is a beautifully golden palomino with a blaze and flazen mane and tail. Her pedigree is outstanding. Her Sire is a SON OF LITTLE KINGS HALF A BUCK and her Dam a full sister to the FAMOUS DIPPER'S DUFFY and also the Dam of WITTMACK'S LITTLE SKIPPER. SKIPPER was a Grand Champion Stallion as both Junior and Senior Horse and producer of numerous champions. We have great expectations for this little mare.

  DOB: 5/13/09
AMHA 194080 ** DNA'd and PQ
Height 27.00"
Dam: GLENNS TOUCHE 32.50" AMHA 54573

BLESSED ASSURANCE is another one of our young mares that we are so proud of. She stands at 27 inches tall, a light Palomino with a full blaze and lighter mane and tail. Her Sire is an OWN SON OF VERMILYEA FARMS STYLISH BUCKEROO and VERMILYEA FARMS TOY AMBROSIA. Her Dam is a Daughter of BOND GOPHER BROKE and BOND NEW DAWN. This combination worked perfectly for us producing this well bred beautiful little girl.

  DOB: 4/2/10
AMHA 199258 ** DNA'd and PQ
Height 26.50"
Sire: King Tutankhamen 30.50"A107795
Dam: Ima A Little Princess 31.50" A76029

ELEGANT is one of our young mares out of KING TUT. She is a beautiful buckskin with black mane and tail and pretty dark points on ears and legs. She is only 26.50 inches tall and coming two years old. ELEGANT will be a great addition to our brood mare herd.

  DOB: 10/12/09
AMHA 199260 ** AMHR 303976T ** DNA'd and PQ
Height 28.00"
Sire: King Tutankhamen 30.50"AMHA 107795** AMHR 301158T
Dam: Boltons Whitney Honey 32.25" AMHA 83515

JUBILATION is such a joy! She has the sweetest temperment and loves everyone. She is a pretty buckskin with all the dark points. her pedigree consists of mostly BUCKEROO and SOATS. Quite a nice gal!!

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